A boiler based milk frother to create the perfect cappuccino at the comfort of your home!

Your Home SetUp

Create your perfect home setup with our high pressure steamer!

SteamUp is the perfect accessory for coffee lovers who enjoy a perfect cappuccino, latte, or other milk-based drinks. Our boiler based milk frother makes it easy to create a creamy and frothy milk texture for your favourite coffee drinks. 

More than at a café

Optimise your favourite coffee drinks

A café creates beautiful and delicious coffee, but we like to get our hands dirty. With the SteamUp you can finally optimise your milk texture to your desired level. We coffee lovers like the game of improving a tiny bit every coffee we make. The SteamUp is the perfect product to learn and improve your latte art game!

Pre-Order SteamUp


Don’t want to buy a €3.000 espresso machine, but want to make a good cappuccino at home? We agree, and therefore made the SteamUp, a high quality milk frother for a barista quality cappuccino at home!

Our mission and journey

Our mission at SteamUp is to revolutionize the milk frothing experience by creating an aesthetically pleasing, high-quality, boiler-based milk frother that is solely dedicated to the art of milk frothing. Enabling coffee enthusiast to create an unique high quality coffee experience at the comfort of their home.